Furthest Witness (2017) Furthest Witness (2017)

Total Collection as of 2018-09-18 Estimated: $ 0 million
Produced In: United States, United Kingdom, Release Date: 12th September 2017
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller, Runtime: 87 mins.
MPAA Rating: false Production Budget: $ million
Furthest Witness Total Grosses
Domestic:                               0 million ($)
+ Foreign:                               0 million ($)
= Worldwide:                        0 million ($)

Domestic (in country) Summary
Opening Weekend: 0 million ($)

1st Week Total: 0 million ($)

Categories Hollywood-2017,
Genres Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Released 12th September 2017
Duration 87 mins
Countries United States, United Kingdom,

Furthest Witness 2017 Cast & Crew

Actors|Stars Sean Patrick Flanery , Aaron Stanford , Teri Reeves , Steven Michael Quezada , Travis Hammer , Chris Bylsma , Julian Bonfiglio , Merritt C. Glover , Forrest Fyre , Ryan Begay , Jermaine Washington , Andres Segura , Tomas Sanchez , Amy Baklini , Bobby Burns,

Furthest Witness 2017 Story Line & Plot:

Plot: Kyle Braddock has spent the last decade moving witnesses over the border to Mexico and has always avoided confrontation or suspicion until now. Not only has he been framed for kidnapping but there's a malevolent and unrelenting figure on his trail and he is falling in love with his latest passenger, who has a dark secret that completely goes against all of his moral beliefs. Now he must protect the first person he has cared about in over ten years, discover who he is as a man and outrun a mysterious killer who is more akin to a force of nature, with an ever increasing path of human collateral in his wake.

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