Odiyan (2018) Odiyan (2018)

Total Collection as of 2019-07-01 Estimated: INR 59 crore
Produced In: India Release Date: 14th December 2018
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller, Fantasy, Runtime: 167 mins.
MPAA Rating: false Production Budget: INR30 crore
Odiyan Total Grosses
Domestic:                               31 crore (INR)
+ Foreign:                               0 crore (INR)
= Worldwide:                        59 crore (INR)

Domestic (in country) Summary
Opening Weekend: 0 crore (INR)

1st Week Total: 0 crore (INR)

Categories Top-Bollywood,
Genres Action, Drama, Thriller, Fantasy,
Released 14th December 2018
Duration 167 mins

Odiyan 2018 Cast & Crew

Actors|Stars Mohanlal, Prakash Raj, Manju Warrier,

Odiyan 2018 Story Line & Plot:

Plot: The story of the Odiyan clan, one of the most dreaded, shape-shifting black magicians in the world which ruled the darkness of night through during the pre-electrification era in Kerala.
Storyline: With the arrival of electricity in the region under the British rule, the Odiyan clan that possesses the supernatural powers to assume animal form find it difficult to survive as they are ruthlessly captured and killed by the British. How the last Odiyan tries to save his clan with his stealth attacks, forms the crux.

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Total Gross
Foreign Total:
INR0 crore
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